Fresh Breath (Dillion posted on May 5th, 2015 )

I work for the Derby escorts agency and have been convinced that I never want another career for a long time! My body is curved perfectly and I barely have any type of noticeable flaws, except I do have occasional bad breath.

I have been visiting my dentist on a regular basis and he is telling me that the odor is from bacteria. He said that it is very important to always brush the roof of my mouth in the morning and at night. I never flossed before and I now do it on a daily basis.

He also provided me with a prescription mouthwash that I never even knew existed! My breath has been so fresh, the bacteria growth disappeared and I am very confident that my breath smells great. I have thanked my dentist repeatedly for helping me take care of that embarrassing odor that was coming out of my mouth every time that I talked!

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The Mind of a Child (Dillion posted on April 26th, 2015 )

I over heard a group of young ladies talking this morning about their boyfriends and Birmingham escort agency. It was funny how interested they were in the topic and how they giggled at every word spoke. I remember when my daughter was little and how she used to find the most ridiculous topics interesting and funny. At that age they don’t really see what is in front of them, but only the image they create in their mind. That is what makes a child’s imagination so vivid and creative. If only all of us adults could have that creativity at our age. Then we would probably go further in life and in our careers. It amazing how far your imagination can actually take you it todays world, so many companies look for a unique mind with new things to bring to the table.

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Just an Old Friend (Dillion posted on April 22nd, 2015 )

I had a business dinner last week with the company I work for and it surprisingly went great. Usually at dinners my co-workers and boss bring their husband and wives, so I decided to bring someone with me this time. I called Brighton escort agency and was instantly given a date for the dinner party. I had not told anyone that she was an escort, I just introduced her as an old friend of mine. She was awesome, she went along with it and kept using “remember whens” and “I used love that.” I could not have been more happy with the outcome of the dinner. After it was over, I brought her out for a drink at a local pub to end the evening nicely. We sat and laughed about the way my co-workers were so deeply angered about business issues and talked for a few more hours before we said goodbye.

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The Perfect Wife (Dillion posted on March 29th, 2015 )

I was the best man in my brothers wedding last year and I was so proud of him that he finally was getting married. It did kinda of bother me that our every Friday guys night at the house was going to end. We would have about 10 of our friends over ever week for drinks, poker, food and watching adult webcams.

After the wedding he sat down with his new wife and explained our tradition that we did every week with the boys. This meant a lot to him to keep all of our old friends together and not to lose touch with. He explained how we would rather be home having a guys night than hanging out at the bars until the wee hours of the night. I was very surprised that she was fine with it and she even offered to do the cooking for all the guys.

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In With The New & Out With The Old (Dillion posted on February 12th, 2015 )

I had the same fuck buddy for several years and I was starting to get sick of the same old routine. Of course I never told her that and didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I started going out to the bar and I was on the hunt for some new prey, I was not in a huge hurry. Over a course of several weeks I had obtained about 20 phone numbers for different girls of all types.

One night I called a girl that I was kind of interested in and we hung out at my house and watched movies. I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it up it was my old buddy wanting to know what was going on. She was yelling at me and I had to step out in the hallway and politely ask her to leave. I thought she was never going to leave until my landlord came upstairs and said he was going to call the police!

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Caring About Others (Dillion posted on January 27th, 2015 )

I went to a city meeting the other day where a bunch of business managers got together to discuss the tourist season and how everyone could benefit from it. At the meeting there was hundreds of owners including ones from Leeds escorts and my favorite restaurant. Everyone sat around and passed ideas back and forth about how we could bring in new customers during the busy season. It was great that everyone was coming together to work as a team. It is rare that you see a group of competitive managers get together to help one another out. I felt completely refreshed and open-minded after leaving the meeting. Just seeing everyone work so well together gave me a new outlook on todays society and how it is run. If you really look into things, you will find that somewhere there is a group such as those men and women that not only care about themselves, but their neighbors as well.

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